Empanadas are 100% All Natural. Made with real Wisconsin Cheese and 100% All Natural Chicken and Beef. No artificial ingredients. Made with fresh vegetables. Our Empanadas are prefect for snacks, appetizers and entrees. Flavors include: Beef, Chicken and Vegetarian.

Dessert Empanadas

These Dessert Empanadas are 100% All Natural and offer a unique twist in the dessert category. They can be eaten as a snack or make an excellent dessert. Follow the trends and indulge in our 100% All Natural Dessert Empanadas. Flavors include: Dulce De Leche, Mango Cheesecake, Mexican Hot Chocolate and Pineapple.


Our Popkoff’s Pelmeni are 100% All Natural and made with only the best ingredients. We use Antibiotic Free Chicken, Antibiotic Free Beef, Fresh Vegetables, Farmers Cheese and NON GMO Flour. Our Pelmeni can be enjoyed year round and prepared several different ways. Try them in soups or salads. Give them a boost with your favorite sauce or eat them plain!


These Mini Pierogis are made with Fresh Potatoes, Fresh Onions, NON GMO Flour and Farmer’s Cheese. They are 100% All Natural and are minimally processed. Vareniki are enjoyed around the world by many different names- we like to call them DELICIOUS!

Stuffed Potato Balls

Our Stuffed Potato Balls are make with 100% All Natural ingredients. We use USDA Choice Chuck Beef and Fresh Vegetables. They are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Excellent choice for snacks or appetizers. Flavors include: Seasoned Ground Beef, Beef Bulgogi, Vegetable Curry.

Meal Kits

Versatile and unique, our Meal Kits offer an exciting alternative to traditional frozen entrées. On trend and All Natural selections available.

k 12

Our Whole Wheat K-12 Dumplings are high in protein and made with only the best ingredients possible. We use Antibiotic Free Chicken and NON GMO Flour to create the perfect school meal or snack. Kids will love our Whole Wheat K-12 Dumplings as we target their daily nutritional values by making Delicious tasting food.